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Press Start’s mission is to foster independent journalism where it is suppressed.


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The second round of applications are now open for our Empowering Media and Society through Collaborative, Crowdfunded Journalism project, in partnership with FPU, FEE and Prague Media School.

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Period poverty: Hungary’s silent scourge MF

Lili Rutai

Is period poverty becoming extinct? Many EU countries have slashed the “tampon tax” and the UK is moving toward abolishing it completely, like at least 20 U.S. states. Not so in Hungary, where women and girls live with the highest tax on female hygiene products in the EU. The major media – beholden to the nationalist government – ignore the issue. So one young Hungarian journalist and feminist decided to investigate the problem herself. Press Start will match all contributions made to her campaign, so your dollars will go twice as far.

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Marrying Young in Tanzania

Regina Kulindwa

In Tanzania, some 8,000 girls and women die each year due to preventable pregnancy-related problems. A related statistic: Tanzania also has one of the highest rates of child marriage in the world. Award-winning radio journalist Regina Kulindwa will probe the connection between early marriage and maternal mortality in Tanzania through interviews with local people, government officials, health workers, and experts, and examine the link between poverty and maternal health.



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Cracking Eastern Europe’s lead paint syndicate MF

Taras Zozulinskyy

Ukrainian-made paint containing 100 or more times more lead than international standards permit is regularly exported to Europe and Central Asia.Ukraine is a haven for manufacturers of lead paint, despite reams of evidence that children especially can suffer neurological damage and other lasting health problems through exposure to lead-containing paint on walls or toys.


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How It Works

“Political, business or criminal interests in many countries intimidate journalists or otherwise restrict their access to information. Press Start is a tremendous opportunity for people to make an impact: every new story reveals some truth that helps remove the blinders keeping citizens in the dark.”

Gary Regenstreif, Chairman, Press Start Advisory Board; Executive Editor, S&P Global Market Intelligence; former Editor at Large, Reuters.

"There are so many dark corners of the planet where good journalism is needed to shine light to make a difference in people's lives. That's what so impressive about Press Start – a straightforward way for all of us to support and fund this sort of journalism and the very brave men and women who practice it."

Danforth Austin, former vice president, The Wall Street Journal

"In an interconnected world, it's not charity to support honest journalism. It's common sense."

David Rennie, Washington bureau chief, The Economist

"Press Start is about giving journalists a platform and financing to tell the important stories about their countries."

Raphael Minder, correspondent, The New York Times

What Makes Press Start Different?

Support for Individual Journalists

The site targets a specific niche of reporters working solely in emerging democracies and the developing world who will mainly produce articles in local languages for local impact.


We will search out and highlight reporters who would not have the capacity (international contacts, language skills, promotional experience) to crowdfund on their own.

Careful Screening

We will profile only those journalists who have been vetted for their independence and the quality of their reporting, working hand-in-hand with our local partners.

A Personal Touch

We will create evocative profiles of journalists, with extensive information on them and their commitment to report despite obstacles, to better resonate with potential donors.

Collective Impact

We are forming close partnerships with like-minded organizations around the world and working together to achieve collective impact.