How it works

We decide who gets funded with the help of partner organizations around the world. We have media development and training groups looking out for talented people who have done strong work and who, with a little help, have the potential to make an impact in their communities. This is one instance where past performance can be a predictor of future results.

Once the journalists pass the screening process, we work with them to create a detailed profile on the Press Start website. That's where you'll learn where they come from, what they typically cover, and what they want to do with your money — which could be features, investigations, multimedia pieces, etc.

Once the profile goes up, then comes the month-long pledge drive. We think that once you get to know them — see and hear what's inspired them to tell truth to power and why they keep at the job despite the obstacles — you'll see why we are trying to help them make potentially ground-breaking stories come to life, and you might even want to join us in that effort.

If the crowdfunding campaign is successful, the journalist will work on the proposed content over the next few months. His or her work will be published or aired in the journalist's own media outlet, by partner organizations, and on blogs and other platforms. We also plan to translate some of the standout pieces and run them on the Press Start site. So you can read them!