Institutional donors

The beauty of Press Start is that our fundraising goals are modest, and, as we assure our donors, even small contributions can make a difference. But what about foundations and other institutions? In a person-to-person crowdfunding platform — that is, built on small donations to individuals — what role can you play?

A major one, actually.

You might consider helping us establish our mutual fund, a pool of donations that we will use to top up journalists' campaigns when they are close, but not quite there. Or you could offer matching funds, which help all those small donations go twice as far and therefore often give a nudge to individuals weighing whether to contribute.

You might even want to earmark funds for journalists working in regions of particular interest to you or on projects that align with your organization’s mission — health care, environmental conservation, human rights, education, or good governance, for example.

Our first institutional donor was the National Endowment for Democracy, a U.S. nonprofit foundation dedicated to the growth and strengthening of democratic institutions around the world. Funds covered project development and the creation of the prototype for the Press Start website. We are forever grateful that NED was willing to take a chance on this crazy idea.

We like partnerships, so if you see some potentially fruitful opportunities, please contact Lenka Kurejkova at